The House Ducoté & Côte, founded in 1773, was before a silk house located in Lyon which was famous for its creations and high quality fabrics' production. The House produced shaped fabrics, printed fabrics, velvets and others rich fabrics for dress. 

During almost two hundred years, Ducoté & Côte stayed with an international and demanding customer whose certain haute couture houses. 


The collections


The ready-to-wear Ducoté & Côte collections are imagined and designed with the respect of French design and sewing rules. All the dresses are produced in small quantities within workshops by craftsmen guarantors of French know-how. 

For its first collection, the Private Collection, Ducoté & Côte strikes out with five fits declined in a multitude of French fabrics, from the most sobers to the most worked. The Ducoté & Côte dresses are simples and refined to create a feminine, intemporel and unique shape. The models, with comfortables fits, are synonymous with allure and elegance. 

The designer


During my first life, I was a lawyer, probably dedicated to a certain career in a big law firm. Ceaselessly in search of the hard to find perfect and original small dress, I started to draw it and then to draw them. It is by plugging me in the history of my family within Ducoté & Côte that I wish to pay tribute to this House. Passionated by the drawing and the beautiful fabrics, I decided to get into and to restore life of Ducoté & Côte, this time between Paris and Lyon.


Suzanne Ducoté

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